It’s not Summer without a Fisher record (and what a video!)

The revolutionary DJ and producer FISHER returns to the scene this summer 2021 with a new Tech-House record: Just Feels Tight.

FISHERRevolutionary because, if you remember correctly, back in 2018, he was the one who reinvigorated the modern tech house phenomenon with the worldwide hit Losing It, but also with worthy follow-ups like You Little Beauty and Freaks. Even in this dreary Summer, marked by a lack of fertile territory for these kinds of tracks, Fisher still tries.

Just Feels Tight gives his best showing off a usual baseline, a very distorted techno kick but adapted to an instrumental a bit too repetitive. Probably, the producer’s idea is to grab the audience thanks to the groove of the song or the hilarious video that will surely increase the number of members in the gym next September.

Release Date: 30 July 2021 ” Catch & Release | Spotify | Apple Music |



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