Destination Ultra 2024: the summer madness still continues

This year, Croatia will once again turn into a musical paradise. Ultra Europe 2024 will bring along Destination ULTRA, a week full of summer madness, highlighted by the best ULTRA events.

Starting July 12th, attendees can enjoy exclusive parties scattered across the picturesque islands of the Adriatic Sea. The fiery week kicks off with Ultra Europe (here’s our coverage of the phase 1 lineup) in the city of Split. The European version of the father of all festivals will run until July 14th (we’ve talked about it in our Ultimate Guide to Festivals 2024).

On July 15th, from Spalato’s Mladezi Park, the electronic madness moves to Brac Island for the iconic Regatta Party at Club 585. Here, you can admire the breathtaking beauty of the Croatian coast. July 16th will be time to move to Hvar Island, one of Croatia’s wonderful peninsular beauties that few other places in the world can compete with. The famous Ultra Beach will be held at Carpe Diem Beach Club.

On July 16th, the floor of the Carpe Diem Beach Club will be bustling, as the club will also host Resistance Hvar. Techno and related genres will mesmerize all attendees, time will stand still, and androids will awaken. The day after, Resistance moves to Vis Island, for the final Techno act. It will take place within the walls of Fort George, a British fortress perched on the promontory. July 17th ends with a bang with Destination Ultra 2024: a week that everyone will want to keep living on loop.

Tickets, along with more information, are available on the official ULTRA website.

Destination Ultra 2024


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