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EDM Lab proposes 6 new Spotify playlists selected by our staff. So stay constantly updated on the new music released and build your archive.

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Best of Today #Release © :

Check out the playlist that brings you all the new music released on Friday. A journey among the nuances of EDM music. Make sure to stay updated cause every Thursday is emptied to be re-filled with the new releases on Friday.
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Best of #NightVibe [Selected by Flavio #THEPUSHER]:

This playlist gathers all the best of our #NightVibe rubric. Dedicated to the underground sounds, be ready for House, Techno, Techhouse, Progressive, and more club music. Constantly updated throughout the year, the tracks are removed once a year.
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#10TRACKS – PopDance

A playlist dedicated to pop and radio-friendly music. A mix of 10 hits and new discoveries, it is updated every 2 weeks on Tuesday.
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#10TRACKS – UrbanRoom

This playlist is dedicated to Trap, Rap, HipHop, RnB, and similar and follows the American scenario. Updated every two weeks on Sunday, it is followed by a commentary by Ale Mancinelli on
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WhoNeeds #BigRoom ?

Do you like the distorted straight kicks and heavy bass that made EDM festivals great? Then, this is your next favorite playlist, particularly if you are looking for something energetic. Only news and constantly updated with the #bigroom #releases from the BOTR. Tracks are removed once a year.
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This playlist is dedicated to the new EDM trend called Future Rave. Find all the best tunes released on the biggest and most important labels by the greatest DJs and Producers. Tracks are removed at the end of the year.
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