Festivals 2023: the Ultimate Guide by EDM Lab

EDM Lab is back in 2023 with one of its most loved formats of the latest few years. This format needs no introductions. Also this year we are ready to update you with the 2023 road map dedicated to the most essential festivals in the world, from Europe to America, from Asia to Australia.

The EDM community doesn’t have fear anymore about cancelations and reschedulings, the Covid-19 pandemic seems a far memory, it seems been a long time ago the EDM community has been deprived of jumping under the stages of the biggest festivals in the world.

The 2023 dates have been announced for months, the lineups are almost complete.

So, here is the Ultimate Guide to 2023 Festivals by EDM Lab!

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  • Ultra Music Festival

It is a milestone among electronic music events. It takes place during the annual Miami Music Week for the American edition in Miami. This year will take place in many editions scattered throughout the whole world. The festival will take place on every continent.

Abu Dhabi 2023 (Etihad Park – Yas Island, United Arab Emirates): 4, 5 March

South Africa 2023 (Hollywoodbets Kenilworth – Cape Town, South Africa): 10 March 2023

South Africa 2023 (Expo Centre Nasrec – Johannesburg, South Africa): 11 March 2023

Ultra Music Festival 2023 (Bayfront Park – Miami, Florida, USA): 24, 25,26 March 2023 

Australia 2023 (Sidney Myer Music Bowl – Melbourne, Australia): 15 March 2023

Taiwan 2023 (Dajia Riverside Park – Taipei, Taiwan): 16 April 2023

Brazil 2023 (Vale Do Anhangabaù – Sao Paulo, Brazil): 21, 22 April 2023

Perù 2023 (Estadio San Marcos – Lima, Perù): 22 April 2023

Ultra Beach Costa Del Sol 2023 (Marenostrum Park – Fuengirola, Spain): 24 June 2023

Ultra Europe 2023 (Mladeẑi Park Stadium, Spalato – Croazia): 7, 8, 9 July 2023


  • Tomorrowland

The first between the European festivals, every year presents two appointments. This year, the main appointment will exclusively take place during three weekends.

Tomorrowland Winter 2023 (Alpe D’Huez – Isère, France): from 18 to 25 March 2023

Tomorrowland Belgium 2023 (De Schorre Park – Boom, Belgium):

Weekend 1: 21, 22, 23 July 2023        Weekend 2: 28, 29, 30 July 2023

Tomorrowland Brasil 2023 (PARQUE MAEDA, San Paolo):  12, 13 andd 14 October 2023

  •  EDC: Electric Daisy Carnival

EDC is the largest American festival with UMF. This year it will take place in four different appointments, including an appointment on board a cruise!

EDC Mexico 2023 (Rodrìguez Racetrack – Cape Town, South Africa): 24, 25, 26 February 2023

EDC Las Vegas 2023 (La Motor Speedway – Las Vegas, Nevada, USA): 19, 20, 21 May 2023

EDSea  (On board a cruise: Miami, Nassau, Bahamas): 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 November 2023

EDC Orlando 2023 (Tinker Field Stadium – Orlando, Florida): 10, 11, 12 November 2023


  • Coachella Festival

The first big “multi-genre” festival that we find in this guide, is between the main festivals of North America with UMF and EDC. A historical festival that takes place in the Empire Polo Club of Indio’s fields, in California.

Coachella Valley Music and Art 2023 (Empire Polo Club – Indio, California, USA):

Weekend 1: 14, 15, 16 April 2023         Weekend 2: 21, 22, 23 April 2023


  • Creamfields

Creamfields is between the main European festivals with Tomorrowland. It was exported, before to different locations in England, then in the whole world. For the second consecutive year, it will take place also the “South”.

Creamfields South 2023 (Hylands Park – Chelmsford, England): 26, 27, 28 May 2023

Creamfields North 2023 (Daresbury  – Cheshire, England): 24, 25, 26, 27 August 2023


  • Electric Zoo

This is the youngest festival in this guide until now. It is similar to Coachella, i.e., a “multi-genre” festival. The Electric Zoo takes place every year during the weekend of American “Labor Day.”

Electric Zoo 2023 (Randall’s Island Park – New York, New York, USA): 1, 2, 3 September 2023


  • Untold Festival 2023

The leading Romanian festival that is born a few years ago. It has been awarded, in 2015, which is the year of its creation, as the best European festival.

Untold 2023 (Cluj Arena – Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, Romania): 3, 4, 5, 6 August 2023


  • Electric Forest Festival 2023

This event is truly singular and suggestive. It attracts people from all over the world. The Electric Forest Festival is known because it takes place in the middle of a forest.

Electric Forest 2023 (Double JJ Resort – Rothbury, Michigan, USA): 22, 23, 24, 25 June 2023


  • Airbeat One Festival 2023

Airbeat One is a European festival ongoing for approximately twenty years but became successful only recently. It is characterized by a very particular mainstage, in which the EDM leading artists perform their shows.

Airbeat One 2023 (Airport – Neustadt-Glewe, Germany): 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 July 2023


  • Mysteryland Festival 2023

It is the most important and old Dutch festival, organized by the same organizer team of the Tomorrowland. It was exported to North and South America.

Mysteryland 2023 (Floriade Terrain, – Vijfhuizen, Holland): 25, 26, 27 August 2023


  • Electric Love Festival 2023

It is the most significant Austrian festival, among the best known in Europe. As the Electric Zoo, it is very young. However, it already gained the attention of the entire world and the massive arrival of participants.

Electric Love 2023 (Salzburgring Circuic – Salzburg, Austria): 6, 7, 8 July 2023


  • Sònar Festival 2023

The Sònar festival is an electronic music festival and one of the most important multimedia events in Barcelona during the summer. Experimental and avant-gardist artists also take part.

Sònar 2023 (Fira de Reyes de la Gran Via – Barcelona, Spain): 15, 16, 17 June 2023


  • Burning Man

This is between the oldest festivals we can find in this guide. It takes place in a city that exists only for the duration of the event. Burning Man is undoubtedly the most extreme festival of all, based on self-sufficiency and community concepts. Anyone can bring his art to Burning Man.

Burning Man 2023 (Black Rock Desert – Nevada, USA): from 27 to 31 August and from 1 to 4 September 2023


  • World Club Dome

The World Club Dome is among the main German festivals. It is organized by Bigcitybeats radio. It has been proposed in Germany in different versions and then exported to South Corea.

Atlantis Edition 2023 (Deutsche Bank Park – Frankfurt, Germany): 9, 10, 11 June 2023

Pool Sessions 2023 (Stadionbad – Frankfurt, Germany): 9, 10, 11 June 2023

Malta Island Edition 2023 (Gianpula Village – Rabat, Malta ): 4, 5, 6 August 2023


  • AMF: Amsterdam Music Festival

It is one of the most important Dutch festivals, and it indeed is the most important European festival at the end of the year. The AMF takes place during the Amsterdam Dance Event and hosts the ceremony during which, every year, is announced the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs.

AMF 2023 (Johan Cruijff Arena – Amsterdam, Holland): 21 October 2023


  • Parookaville

The Parookaville is another gigantic German festival. It was born a few years ago, and it has already become enormously known by the audience because of its highly elaborated design. Into it comes to life a real city.

Parookaville 2023 (Weeze Airport – Weeze, Germany): 21, 22, 23 July 2023


  • Sziget Festival 2023

The Sziget is another “multi-genre” festival, this time located in Hungary. It takes place every year on an island in the middle of the Danube. We can include it among the biggest and most complex European festivals.

Sziget 2023 (Obudai-sziget – Budapest, Hungary): 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 August 2023


  • Medusa Sunbeach Festival 2023

It is a Spanish “multi-genre” festival, that was born a few years ago, and has already conquered the audience, reaching impressive numbers. The Medusa Sunbeach Festival is one of the few festivals in this guide that takes place on the beach.

Medusa Subeach Festival 2023 (Playa de Cullera – Spain): 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 August 2023


  • Awakenings

The Awakenings Festival is among the most important annual meeting points for Techno lovers and, undoubtedly, the world’s biggest. It takes place several times a year in none of the best-known Dutch temples of Techno: the Gashouder.

Awakenings Easter 2023 (Gashouder – Amsterdam, Holland): 7, 8, 9, April 2023

Awakenings Spring 2023 (Spaarnwoude-Park – Houtrak, Holland): 13, 14 May 2023

Awakening Summer 2023 (Beekse Bergen – Hilvarenbeek, Holland): 7, 8, 9 July 2023


  • Palm Tree Music Festival

One of the most important EDM festivals in Australia. It is characterized by essential but full of big names lineups. It takes place also in USA and Asia.

Aspen 2023 (Rio Grande Park – Aspen, USA): 24, 25 Febbraio 2023

Sidney 2023 (Showgrounds – Sidney, Australia): 10 Marzo 2023

Brisbane 2023 (Riverstage – Brisbane, Australia): 11 Marzo 2023

Melbourne 2023 (Showgrounds – Melbourne, Australia): 12 Marzo 2023

Dana Point 2023 (Doheny State Beach – Dana Point, USA): 13 Marzo 2023

Bali 2023 (Savaya – Bali, Indonesia): 16, 17 Marzo 2023


  • Lost Lands Festival

It is popular for being one of the most important Dubstep festivals in the world. The organization of the event is led by Excision who, every year, announce spectacular lineups with Dubstep and Melodic Bass artists.

Lost Lands 2023 (Legend Valley – Ohio, USA): 22, 23, 24 September 2023


  • Nameless Music Festival

It is the most important Italian festival. After many years, it blows up, making itself known in all the Europe and attracting an audience from everywhere. The Nameless Music Festival is famous because of its important and varied line-ups.

Nameless 2023 (Annone di Brianza – Lecco, Italy): 2, 3, 4 June 2023


  • Kappa FuturFestival

One of the Italian veteran festivals. It represents a must-visit for all Italian Techno lovers, and not only. Because of its internationality, it gained the twelfth position in the DJ Mag Top100 Festivals 2022 official chart.

Kappa FuturFestival 2023 (Parco Dora – Torino, Italy): 30 June and 1, 2 July 2023


  • Defqon.1

The Defqon.1 is the main festival dedicated to the Hard Dance. It was born about twenty years ago, and it takes place every year in Holland, which is the home of the Hardstyle. It has also been exported to Australia and Chile. For the second consecutive year, unfortunately, the high BPM lovers will not participate in it.

Defqon.1 2023 (Walibi Holland – Flevoland, Holland): 22, 23, 24, 25 June 2023


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