EDM Lab, born back in 2017 from the TribEaters project, is one of the most promising websites of information about the electronic music world. From 2017 until today, our mission has always been to share the culture of electronic music and the novelties of the national and international scene Dance music scene.

We entrust everything to our musical taste and the feelings that music can evoke in each of us without any kind of prejudice and/or stereotype.

We believe in the pure essence of music and in the simple and universal language. We ground every article on our passion for music, nothing else.

If you find yourself in these values and if you too are a fan of electronic music, you can help us with a donation. Every help, even the smallest, allows us to be able to support the annual running costs, keeping you up to date with the wonderful world of EDM.

If you don’t have a chance to ‘offer us a coffee’ but still want to help, please share EDM Lab and its contents with people you know, every help is precious to us. Thank you!

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