David Guetta, another remake, another hit

We’re still here talking about the most relevant Frenchman in the world, perhaps not just musically. No need to repeat his skills in producing music, releasing a track every week; because as soon as you finish listening to one, there’s already another one available, literally.

During the DJ set at Ultra Music Festival, David Guetta showcased several IDs and hosted on the world’s biggest stage (at least in terms of worldwide premieres) among many others, also Ryan Tedder of One Republic to present the track “I Don’t Wanna Wait“. Here’s the video of the exact moment.

I Don't Wanna WaitIf you’re thinking of something epic… mmmh no, that’s not the case. Once again, David Guetta has taken a past record and refreshed it with modern pop dance sounds, presenting it with one of the coolest male voices in the world music scene. Guetta and Ryan had already collaborated on one of the many epic tracks on the 2014 album “Listen”. The track was “S.T.O.P”.

Although it’s almost pointless to mention, but in “I Don’t Wanna Wait,” the track David Guetta and Ryan Tedder refer to is the famous “Dragostea Din Tei” from 2003 by the group O-Zone.

In Italy, the track exploded in 2004 thanks to the version sung by Paula Monica Mitrache, in art Haiducii.

Release Date: 5 April  2024 » Warner | Spotify | Apple Music |


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