Calvin Harris presents ‘Love Regenerator’ his back to the roots

Calvin Harris is one of those artists who has “won everything” in life and we are not only talking about gold records, grammys, nominations and the like but also about “winning” life… A difficult concept that can explain well the concept of success today.

Calvin Harris, whose story tells us that he was a simple city warehouseman with a passion for electronic music, he became a deejay, producer, singer, songwriter and owner of a music label to become the highest paid DJ in the world and the 30th British millionaire.

In short, a little stuff: a clear example of everything to do and – do well – inspired by the sounds of the 80s and dictating the new laws of music in just 10/12 years of career.

Said that, Calvin understood that when you get to this point in your life / career you have to explore new worlds, move on to the next step. It’s not enough for Calvin to be the soundtrack of the summer at planetary level, for Calvin it’s not all about merging #EDM sounds with Pop music, Calvin wants a “back to the roots“.

As for David Guetta who launched his alias Jack Back, also Calvin Harris decides to try a more Underground route. After a few months of silence, here it appears at the dawn of the new musical decade the new alias Love Regenerator. What does that even mean? To date we don’t know the reason for the choice of this name, but what we do know is that there are already two singles by Love Regenerator.

They come out togheter Thursday 23 January 2020, CP-1 and Hypnagogic (I Can’t Wait) and they are two records with a completely different sound compared to what we are used to. Calvin experiments, knows where to put his hands and here are two records with Techno sounds for CP-1 and BreakBeat/House for Hypnagogic.

Two tracks that send in ecstasy the English radio airplay of the big radio stations like BBC R1 or those insiders or simple fans whose mind is open to different sounds.

So as for Guetta, this new musical strand of Calvin Harris could bring a breath of fresh air to our radios and playlists in this period of musical transition. Of course, we are not facing the new planetary radio hit, but we certainly have new quality music to listen to.


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