#Release | Ross Quinn, Punctual – Omen


The figure of the singer-songwriter/producer is no longer a rarity after the successes of Elderbrook and Hayden James and many others. New talents are emerging in this category, and among them is Ross Quinn, whom we’ll listen to with “Omen.”

The artist originally from Yorkshire made his debut in 2020, immediately achieving good success with “Away With Me.” Along his journey, he has collaborated with Cristoph and TIBASKO, and now with Punctual, a duo that dabbles in both alternative productions and hits. The new track seems to find a middle ground and will appeal to both connoisseurs and those who can’t get that obsessive “I Think I Saw An Omen” out of their heads.

Release Date: 9 June 2023 » Payday | Apple Music | Spotify |


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