Swedish House Mafia: disappointment or a new beginning?

After more than three years since the famous #reunion in Miami, after a tour that sold out all its stages, and after a resounding silence that made the fans worldwide losing their hopes from last week, the three Swedes are back on the scene with It Gets Better (here is our review).

Since the first play, It Gets Better, sounds different from the #Premiere at Stockholm’s Tele2 Arena in 2019, perhaps fresher and with a revised sound, but, mostly, it disappoints the (very high) expectations of many fans.

But what was expected from Swedish House Mafia? 

We have to keep in mind that nine years have passed since their last single. It was 2012, and we were in the middle of the EDM boom, rich in progressive and big room sounds. Their tracks were giving a new life to the electronic music sector. In those years, the SHM produced a sound very similar to today’s track, Its Get Better. A revolutionary sound that often could only be played by artists playing borderline genres (e.g., Magnificence), but on the other hand, it sounds like a radio hit to sing at the festivals around the world loudly.

Swedish House MafiaSo, was “It Gets Better” a disappointment? The opinions of many fans are controversial. Many expected a radio record to sing just like More Than You Know or Sun Is Shining. Others predicted a new musical evolution (maybe even projected to Future Rave?).

Following the reflective cue of our friend Matteo Rossi from Radio Is Good For You, EDM Lab has developed its theory on the future of the most talked-about Swedish trio:

“It Gets Better” is the beginning of a new musical chapter – Our theory is based on five pivotal points.

  1. The record’s metrics are non-standard. It is off the charts and is in full Swedish House Mafia-style. Different from the rest, unique. The whole record almost resembles an intro, the beginning of something.

2. The song’s video is ambiguous and shows – in some parts – the Swedish trio intertwined/blocked, metaphorically hibernating. However, these images are interposed to something else and come back clear at the end of the video, suggesting that the Swedish House Mafia are releasing themselves from their chains. As in point 1, the video leads us to think that it is an “intro” of a film, a new musical path, or a mixtape (rumors about a potential new album by the end of the year).

3. Supporting the theory of an “intro” are the countless live performances from the past. Their DJ sets are mystical journeys that follow a logic all their own, DJ sets utterly different from those that any other DJ can propose. The intersection of visuals, mashups, and unique and often unpublished sounds tells a story, always. If you have ever witnessed a live Swedish House Mafia DJ set, you will agree with us.

4. This new point brings us to temporal reasoning: could it ever take three years to compose an album? Of course not! Such a long absence seems studied well-ahead. Full of hype, and zero information cannot lead just to a single. This is just the intro, the beginning of a new chapter.

5. Finally, the title – It Gets Better, which translates in “There’s Better,” with a bit of healthy imagination, lets us imply that: “you already knew this one, is our new beginning, but there’s better to come.”

So, are we so disappointed to advise the three Swedes to hang the headphones? Or is it just the umpteenth tank of gasoline poured on a fire that has been burning for more than ten years?

The second track of this new chapter, the post-intro, in our opinion, is the already announced Lifetime which should be released on Monday, 19 July. Meanwhile, the social accounts of the three are back active. These show the considerable marketing effort that is making the track known around the world. There are already almost 6 million views – YouTube only!

Dear Swedish House Mafia fans, in our opinion, there is nothing to be disappointed about, just a little bit of patience.



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