The story behind Guetta’s remake of “Be My Lover”

Rather than standing around talking about why David Guetta released yet another remake, this time we want to focus on the beautiful story behind “Be My Lover.”

Let’s start from the beginning by telling you that it is a classic of 90s Dance music, more precisely from 1995. The German group called “La Bouche” released this song as follow up of the equally well-known Sweet Dreams. We are talking about some of the most important pearls of Dance music of those years.


But now back to today. It has happened before that David Guetta has gone around looking for “new talent” to launch, and here we are. Wandering around on social media, the world’s most popular DJ came across the remake of Hypaton (listen it here) in its original version, almost identical to the one later released with Guetta). Having fallen in love with this producer’s Future Rave style, he contacted him and asked him to collaborate to release the track officially and… the rest is history.

Hypaton, seems to have a lot of musical talent, and he is already known in the Trance environment. Poking around his socials a bit, besides Be My Lover, there are also other interesting remakes of songs from the 90s.

Release Date: 24 April 2023 » Sony Music | Spotify | Apple Music |



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