Armin Van Buuren and the world’s highest performance

The Trance King Armin van Buuren broke some records recently. To promote the debut of the UNTOLD Festival in Dubai, the Dutch artist gave an exclusive performance on the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.

Armin’s was an extraordinary venture and not only because of the insane DJ set, but also because this goes to break no less than 2 world records:

He was the first to realize a performance at such a height. No one before him had ever done that. The second, however, given the majesty of the construction, was to turn the building into the largest LED screen in the world. It was extraordinary.

Consider that to capture every moment, the UNTOLD team used a helicopter and a total of 18 cameras, 10 of which were dedicated to filming the dazzling Burj Khalifa. The remaining 8 were strategically placed in the desert to showcase the beautiful landscape. The entire 41-minute set was recorded in 4K and produced about 20 terabytes of data.

Armin Van Buuren’s DJ set at the Burj Khalifa has since been posted on YouTube and is now available for all to see.

The UNTOLD festival therefore will begin its expansion soon and will hold a date in Dubai next February 2024.


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