Future KIDS feat. Snoop Dogg – Helps the Italian intensive therapies

FUTURE KIDS During the entire 2020, we talked about the variety of events and actions to fight this unknown disease, the COVID-19. There were many Fund Raising Events around the world between many good deeds, hundreds of thousands of euros collected in favor of the unluckiest people. Every one of us did his part.

The end of 2020, besides the hopes for a better 2021, brings us another charitable initiative particularly close to the world of music. We are talking about releasing a song in which dozens of international minor and big artists collaborated.

Future Kids is the project born from a fundraiser’s idea to help the intensive care units in Italy, severely affected during this pandemic since the beginning. Intending to collect funds through music, Future Kids brings together a collective of artists, DJs, singers, industry workers, recording studios, and agencies.

The track has a radio appeal and tells about “future kids,” the future generation, without distinguishing age, gender, and nationality—a generation facing an entirely different reality. There is no distinction between a child deprived of his primary assets and an artist that cannot perform. Every one of us needs help. We must all squeeze in and hold on in this difficult period. Future Kids is a wonderful story that closes a forgettable year.

The project FUTURE KIDS, which lists Snoop DOGG among the leading names, will donate a large part of the royalties collected through streaming and the sales. EDM Lab is glad to support such an initiative. The initiative collective is formed by:

Aloisi, Andrea Imberti, Avp, Barletta, Daddy Russell, Dj Frenz, Dj Natale, Dj Tilo, EMDIES, FRAMI, Giulia Rama, Guz Hardy & J Luke, Jean Marie, Joe Bertè, JP Sax, Lil Van, Luna Palumbo, Matt Joe, Mirko Alimenti, Mr.Scarybox, Persico, Peter Torre, PUL.SAR, Remo Giugni, Robert Blues, Shadow X Light, Sweiz, T Guys

“Future Kids, not stop the creativity of the artists, but to do what we make best: Music.”

Release Date: 18 December 2020 » Sony Music / Mind The Floor | Spotify (Soon) | Apple Music (Soon) |


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