TENAJ, youngest beauty woman talks about last track, career, dream collab [Interview]

Tenaj, winner of renowned music wards and beauty pageants taking the electronic world by storm. In the music scene with her unparalleled sound and empowering style catching all fans with latest productions releases on major labels such as Blanco Y Negro, Soundo, Gottarcrds, and Futureplansound.

Tenaj dropped an absolutely modern collab with Luca Marchetta.

I had the absolute pleasure of getting to ask Tenaj about her career and personal life. Check out our interview below, and make sure to keep your eye on Tenaj.

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  • Sebastián: Tenaj, thanks so much for joining us today! We have listened to your latest tracks, and we are delighted! Could you start by introducing yourself to our readers and talking about your journey as an artist from the beginning until now?

Tenaj: Hi Sebastian, Thank you so much for having me and the kind intro  Falling in love with the arts at a young age. My uncle was a professional photographer, and at the age of 3 months, he started to take modeling pictures of me. Later I won various beauty pageants and performed at high-profile events. I always was fascinated with music. I’m a  graduate of the prestigious Music School LAMA in Los  Angeles. I was blessed to win 2 times at the renowned awards from the Hollywood Music In Media Awards (Best Emerging Artist and Best EDM Song). My current solo release, “Never Let Me Go,” with Blanco Y Negro has been doing really well. I feel really blessed and grateful.

  • S: Your last track with Luca Marchetta really caught us, the melody and the voice make an excellent song. Tell us about the first idea that you came across the idea of “Secret  Seduction” How was this experience, and what did you rescue the most from this?

Tenaj: Thank you, and I’m happy you enjoy the song! Well, I’m a huge fan of ZHU, and when Luca presented the track to me, I instantly knew that this track was the right one. I also love to write stories about what people may be thinking but don’t want to talk about, so I just went for it.

  • S: We know that you have been working with many outstanding artists, but we want you to be honest and tell us your dream collab?

Tenaj: My dream would be to work with David Guetta and Tiësto.

  • S: How was the evolution of your career in the past 1.5 years difficult During Covid? What have been some of your highlights and challenges along the way?

T: As a songwriter and singer, I analyzed my whole image and improved and perfect my art. I definitely got blessed with many releases and working with Blanco Y Negro is amazing. What I miss the most is performing live, but that’s not possible due to the world situation. Sad about this whole thing.

  • S: Do you have a favorite artist specific to the genre you are involved in? And which is your favorite song?

T: I’m obsessed with Madonna, especially the 90’s Madonna. I love her edge. I also enjoy Rhianna and Lady Gaga. I am an electronica baby and I really enjoy most of the electronic genres. Obsessed with Boris Brejcha’s bass lines. Enjoying Kloud’s visual art. Inspired by the versatile of David Guetta and Tiesto. The swag of ZHU. So the list can go on and on. Just as a person, I love everything that’s art, from paintings to fashion to make up and all.

  • S: For the other skilled musicians within the industry and particularly rising producers – songwriters of the longer future house and deep house genre, do you have any suggestions to take care of ability and quality throughout this difficult time?

T: For songwriters – read more poems. In this difficult time analyze your strength and weaknesses and work on perfecting it. Take the time to polish and learn more.

  • S: From your beginnings, what places have you visited and where would you like this to take you?

T: I traveled a lot and I really love IBIZA. It’s an amazing island. I really would love to perform there.

  • S: What are two goals you’re still hoping to achieve in your music career and one in your personal life?

T:  To work with David Guetta and, in my personal life, I would love to get a second dog. A Jack Russell Puppy.

  • S: And lastly, as we look ahead as 2022 is only a few months away, how are your plans shaping up and for the next year?

T: I constantly play around with new styles and looks, so I definitely will come up with new and exciting styles for next year. Thank you again for having me and stay safe and blessed.

Sebastian Zapata – EDM-Lab.com

Translater: Giacomo Di Mauro


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