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younotusHello Gregor and Tobi, thank you for being here on EDM Lab with us. EDM Lab is the Italian blog on Electronic Dance Music, focused on new releases, playlists, radio shows, and exclusive charts.

EDMLab team is very fan of you, me as a tracklister – and lover of good music, have identified a lot of music and enjoyed listening to the best house and electro house music. The latest releases like ‘Vroom Vroom‘ on Spinnin, ‘Samba‘ with Louis III, have great tunes with a steady beat. It’s a pleasure to have you in this interview today. Here we have a few questions for you:

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Sebastian: YouNotUs, thanks so much for joining us today! We have listened to your latest tracks and after some months you return to delight us with bass house vibes. This is now your second release with Plastik Funk! tell us about the production and how did this idea of ‘Make a Living’ come about?

YouNotUs: Well, first of all, thanks for having us! After our first collab with Plastik Funk, we instantly knew that we had to produce another track together. Our goal was to make the production a bit darker than ‘Vroom Vroom’ and we had the idea to produce a track around that 20th-century steel band sample. After sending the project back and forth a dozen times ‘Make a Living’ was born.

Sebastian: What was the experience of working together again?

YouNotUs: It was quite nice because we already knew how to work together. We’re also good friends with Plastik Funk and played many many festivals and events together. So, it’s always fun to work on something together with friends.

Sebastian: What’s your favorite element of “Make a Living’”?

YouNotUs: The kick and bass in the Drop!!! We already played it live a few times and it hits really hard. Simple but straight in your face 😀 That’s always the best.


Sebastian: And what meaning does this new record have for you in your personal life and your artistic career?

YouNotUs: Well, we hope to play this one a lot on our gigs. Bass house is also a genre we are really enjoying right now, so this probably won’t be the last track that goes into this direction.


Sebastian: Talk about your tour and the stunning start of the festival season, what and how have been your best acts so far?

YouNotUs: At the moment every gig is amazing! You can feel that there were no live events for over 2 years and the people are going nuts. A few weeks ago, in Lyon there were mosh pits every two minutes. It was such a crazy show. We had a lot of fun!

Sebastian: You collaborated together with Italian act LA VISION, would you tell us something about “Famous for a Day?”

YouNotUs: We had the initial idea of the song when we were together in our studio in Berlin with two of our friends. At the end of the session, we were pretty sure that this could be a nice idea to work on with Marco (LA Vision). We sent him the rough idea, he fell in love with it, and then we met in London to work on it together and to write the lyrics. It’s a special song for us because it’s a little different. More listening music and less dancefloor. Sometimes we just love to go different ways and try different things. So, make sure to check it out!

Sebastian: Are there any new productions or an EP coming out for the fall time season?

YouNotUs:  We are always producing new music so there will be of course new songs! Not in the form of an EP but as singles. Can’t tell too much right now. But definitely stay tuned!


Sebastian: And as we look ahead and very close to end 2022, how have you adjusted your goals for 2023 and what are two things you’d like to accomplish by the end of the year?

YouNotUs: This year is all about playing live again. It feels so great to be back on stage and party with the people! So, this is also our main focus for the next year. To play as many shows as we can and make lots of music of course!

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