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RemedyIn 2021 she affirmed herself as a solo artist with “Faded Love.” In 2022, the German singer-songwriter Leony returns with “Remedy.

The winning duo with the producer Vitalij Zestovskich, half of VIZE with whom she has collaborated several times since the debut in 2019 with “More Than Friends,” is confirmed. However, for her is a temporary change in sound, leaning more toward synth-pop. Nevertheless, we believe it is the right choice to follow for her and her team, a fortunate coincidence that reaches its apex on the album by The Weeknd and the global hit “Stay” by Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber.

Release Date: 14 January 2022 » Kontor | Apple Music | Youtube |

We had an interesting Q&A with Leony. Let’s take a look. Leony

Ale M: It was an incredible 2021 for you, and also, this new year starts as a great year thanks to your song “Remedy.” When you wrote this song, did you have in your mind to use the ’80s sound for it?

Leony: When my team and I wrote Remedy, we started with the chords on the guitar and wrote the melody and the lyrics first. My producers then started to play around with the production and tried out some 80’s sounds, and they fit perfectly for the song, so we went with it, and I love how it turned out.

Ale M: What is your “Remedy” (excluding people XD) when you feel blue?

Leony: My number one Remedy is my dog, cuddling with her and going for walks and good food or binge-watching a new series.

Ale M: You collaborate together with VIZE also in ‘Remedy.’ How much are they important for your career?

Leony: VIZE, but especially Vitali from VIZE, are SO important for me and my career, and I am so happy I met him a few years ago. Vitalij is not only my Manager, but also we write almost every song together, and he co-produces all my songs. He’s been my mentor for the past 3 years, and I’m sure things would’ve been different if I hadn’t met him a few years ago.

Ale M: We fall in love with your 2020’s song with Pascal Letoublon, Friendships. We sincerely think this piece brings you to the ‘next level.’ What can you say about that?

Leony: Pascal sent me the vocal version of the song and asked me if I wanna sing on it, which was an honor cause I already loved the instrumental version! I’m so happy that even after 1 and a half years, the song is still going strong and that I get to be a part of it.

Ale M: To Conclude, what could you anticipate about your future projects?

Leony: There will be more interesting features and collaborations this year, as well as more solo singles. It’s all still in the planning, but we have so many songs on our computer, so I can’t wait to release more this year!

Alessandro Mancinelli for EDM-Lab.com


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