David Guetta talks about the future of EDM on EDM Lab

David Guetta InterviewA few evenings ago, we had the opportunity to have a chat with David Guetta. Just after being crowned #1 DJ in the world – according to Top100DJ Mag – and a few hours after his birthday. We interviewed the French artist, who shared his thoughts on the EDM music world and its evolution with us.

Our CEO, Davide, asked David about his vision of the future of EDM, focusing on what direction this movement could take:

Davide from EDM Lab: You were one of the pioneers of the EDM movement as we know it. Starting from 2007, EDM became more popular and mainstream on radios, streaming services, and, more importantly, music festivals. Today, 13 years after, what are your personal thoughts about the future? What directions do you envision that the EDM will take?

David Guetta: First, let me say this. I believe that people will always dance, no matter how you call it. When I started, House Music did not exist yet. And so was Hip Hop. I used to play Soul, Funk, Disco. Then later, Hip Hop, House, Electro-House, Techno, and EDM. Finally, I am playing Future Rave and Melodic Techno. As you see, these names do not really matter. What matters is that people come together to have a good time and forget about everything. People want to be part of a group with their own culture and rules and are more free, open-minded, without following the format that society tells us it is supposed to be. In the last two years, EDM was not as creative as it is supposed to be, and this is why, in my opinion, some people left this community. I believe that it is our responsibility to be always creative. And it is a problem when our music becomes more formatted than pop music. This is one reason why underground music has been so successful and why Future Rave is thriving today.

A true artist’s open-mindedness knows perfectly well that labeling a genre is useless. What counts is to provide good performances on the decks, accompanied by records that can leave something inside. So, whether you call it one way or another, going to a club or a festival, you want to have fun and leave the world behind, be part of a movement, believe in something, and that’s the purest sense of music: the emotion it gives you, the mood it makes you live in, that carefree smile and free mind.

David then turns to an alleged lack of creativity on the part of the industry, at least in recent years. As the artist and innovator, David feels responsible for this and knows that it is his job to restore that aspect. Today, he is trying this one more time with the new music wave that we once again label as “Future Rave.”

Special thanks to: David Guetta, Jaëlle Günther, Giacomo di Mauro.




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