VERSUS talks about the hit ‘RedLight’, UK House and techno scene and goals for 2022 [Interview]

DUO VERSUS, aka Dave Skehan and Scott Walker, bosses of UK House and Techno, is blazing a trail through the music scene. The latest releases like ‘Turn Me On‘ on Ultra, ‘Not Giving Up‘ in this year 2021, and tech house track of Squid Game-sampled with magnificent melody with the steady background beat a has been one of popular and top-chart on Beatport.

After the hit, VERSUS kindly took some time to chat with EDMLab about ‘Red Light.

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  • Sebastián: VERSUS, thanks for chatting with us. Congrats on the milestone. Tell me what motivated you to make this track that is giving the time also hypnotizes fans and catches us with its good rhythm of real tech house.

VERSUS: Thanks for having us on EDM Lab for a chat!…. It all started when I binge-watched a certain Netflix series (extremely hungover, I will add) on a Sunday and heard some really cool weird eerie sounds in it, so I thought it would be great to use.

  • S: And how was the creative process? Tell me how long all this work has taken you

Scott: Dave came into the studio on Monday morning with the idea, and we made it in a day,….not all tracks work out this quick; we really vibed in the studio that day!

  • S: Recently was played at EDC Las Vegas by boss Diplo and also, it seems that the new track is getting plays everywhere. How has the response to ‘Red Light’ been from your perspective?

Dave: Lee Foss sent us a WhatsApp saying he was going to play it EDC on the main stage with Diplo to around 50,000 people, when we read the message we were like ‘wow’….because of the time difference we started getting tagged by people at EDC, it was the middle of the night here in the UK, our phones blew up! The response we have received has been mind-blowing! We’ve been tagged by people all over the world. still shocked by it all

  • S: Now that with the last release of an inspired by a series. Would you like to remix or rework any main theme OST from a favorite or famous series or film?

Scott: Being from the north of England, I would love to do an official remix of Coronation Street

Dave: Yes, Absolutely; I love Stranger Things, love the 80’s Synth music on that show; it would be cool to get in the studio with the guys who wrote the theme tune.

  • S: Back to music for a bit, and can you tell us a bit about where you’re at with everything at the moment? What artists and crews continue to inspire you at the moment?

Scott: we’re literally living in the recording studio at the moment writing a lot of music; I get inspired by all kinds of music from Sofi Tucker, to John Summit, to D&B, to Reggae…we listen to a lot of music to get ideas.

S: How do you think the UK House and techno scene has developed and changed since you first started?

Dave: When I started handing out flyers and selling event tickets for Sankeys, the DJs that were being booked then (2010) were very deep, very deep house…the likes of early Jamie Jones, Subb-An, Hot Natured, Azari & III, Adana Twins, Fur time has passed the sound has certainly evolved and developed more commercial & upbeat we would say.

Ping Pong – Questions 
  • Dream Collab?

Dave: Chris Lake… I love his productions, been following him for years!                                                                Scott: Soffi Tucker, they make interesting music that’s not just “in the box.”

  • All-time favorite series?

Dave: Only Fools & Horse or The Sopranos…both incredible.  //  Scott: Ancient Aliens

  • Dream festival performance?

Dave: Glastonbury // Scott: Tomorrowland

  • If you had the opportunity to perform a B3B who UK house DJ would you choose

Dave: Gorgon City, love their productions… they have been supporting us for a while. Plus, we can all get smashed together doing shots during the set.  // Scott: Idris Elba, as I’m a massive Marvel fan, and would love to meet “Heimdall,” the watcher of the gods and guardian of Bifrost

S: Are you planning to release an EP or album soon?

Scott: I think every producer is constantly working on an Album, without them knowing they’re actually working on an album, if you know what I mean.

S: And as we look ahead and very close to the end of 2021, Do you have any particular goals for yourself that you’re hoping to accomplish in 2022?

Dave: I would love us to play in America in 2022; Ultra Music Festival, Burning Man, EDC & Crossed Festival are on the hit list!

Scott: An Ibiza Residency is a goal, and also some Vegas shows too!

Sebastian Zapata –

 Translator: Giacomo

‘Red Light’ – Is Out Now! Stream / Buy it here VERSUS – Red Light



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