Pete Bott talks about 'ARKLEY' and his music inspired By The Avalanches and The Dust Brothers [Interview]

Pete Bott is a multifaceted person who from a long career in the DJ music scene, producer singer as part of vocal D&B act Deuce & Charger and part from music group Heads We Dance and also degree in law specialism on music. Now presents his new solo project ‘ARKLEY’ that brings disco house beats, infectious bass-lines and the real funk, indietronica in a new single ‘Music (Over & Over)’ via @tileyardmusic.

To celebrate his debut and new single ARKLEY chatted with about its origins, inspiration and the future.

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  • Sebastián: Hey Pete, thanks for joining us today! Big congratulations on your new artistic stage. To start, let’s find out more about ARKLEY. What does ARKLEY mean? Can you tell us some more about how did you come up with your artist name?

ARKLEY: Hey – my pleasure! Great to talk to you! Arkley is the name of an area in north London near to where I was living last year when I first started work on this new project. I was driving through the area on my way to a studio to try out some early ideas and all the signs for “Arkley” just jumped out at me. It seemed to fit perfectly with the vibe of the project and for me it’s a nice reminder of where it all began.

  • S: What is the reason for a solo career and bringing back the 90’s and early 2000’s style with sounds of synthwave and layered disco house beats with infectious bass-lines?

A: After many fun years of making music with friends, I wanted to have a solo project so I could try something different and also make music which is 100% me. This is reflected in the sound and the influences; it wasn’t intentional to reference the big beat and electro sounds of the late 90s and early 2000s, but that’s the music I grew up with and have always loved. I scrapped some initial ideas for the Arkley project which were in a different style and just decided to make music with no agenda or pre-determined sound. The single ‘Music (Over & Over)’ was one of the first tracks I made at that point and it took me back to my first musical inspirations. It’s the style of music that comes most naturally to me and that I enjoy making the most too.

  • S: Now renewed as ARKLEY from your past projects, do you plan to consolidate any of your previous styles into the project, or perhaps continue to innovate sounds and perform new productions as something completely separate?

– I learned a lot from producing drum & bass with Deuce & Charger and it definitely continues to have an influence, certainly on the technical side of my productions. But I’m happy to take a break from D&B, for a little while at least! I really want to explore this modern take on big beat and electro, to re-imagine the sounds of stuff like early Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk and Basement Jaxx. I also want to develop my DJ sets to be eclectic but cohesive; 2manydjs / Soulwax are a massive inspiration and I’m working on finding my own way to do something similar – in spirit at least.

  • S: Your previous involvement in the music scene with Heads We Dance with electro – indie rock, then Deuce & Charger with the best energetic vibes of the DnB style; What is the reason for the transition of musical genre?

– A short attention span I think!

  • S: Tell us about your first single of the project of ARKLEY – it was your debut, right? What was your inspirations on this?

– Yes, ‘Music (Over & Over)’ is my debut single. I’ve always loved the first Avalanches album and also the Dust Brothers’ work on Beck’s ‘Odelay’ and Beastie Boys’ ‘Paul’s Boutique’, so I wanted to try something similar. I had a great time making the track with no specific end-game in mind and I think that comes across; it’s a really playful track that people tell me makes them feel good. I’m very happy with that!

  • S: Finally, as we head full steam into 2022, what is the one thing that excites you at the end of this 2021, and what is the one thing you look forward to next year?

I’m really excited to be playing my first DJ shows and look forward to doing a lot more in 2022. Here’s a flavour of what you can expect: I’m having so much fun with my sets by throwing in all sorts of diverse stuff; my current favourite is a mix of Queen with a new Gaspard Auge solo record. I know you asked for one thing, but I’m also really excited about releasing more new music in 2022 – I’ve got so many tunes I can’t wait to share!

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