Etherwood talks about ‘Neon Dust’, Halloween and future plans [Interview]

There’s no limit to creativity of one of the pioneering electronic producers: Etherwood, boss of liquid drum and bass and chart Billboard-topping artist is finally touching down on Hospital Records. In September of this year, Etherwood released “Neon Dust,” his fourth album with 20 records single via Hospital, explores a huge range of genres, from his signature drum & bass to folk, rock, indie-pop, techno, downtempo and ambient, many of which include his own distinct, evocative vocals.

A few days after the new album release, Etherwood kindly took some time to chat with EDMLab about ‘Neon Dust.’

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  • Sebastián: Edward, thanks for joining us today great to see that you’re back releasing new album! Congratulations for this milestone. This is the biggest album release of your career that includes top/chart artist collaborating and the best voices that have made fans fall in love with each piece of art. In a recent post, you commented that you went deep into meditation for the creation of Neon Dust. Tell us a little more about this

Etherwood: I’ve been meditating on and off for many years so it has always been a big source of inspiration for me. During my time writing Neon Dust, I was meditating for at least an hour each morning and evening. It so important to me as it helps me connect with myself and the world. I was channelling a lot of energy from this and using it in my music, to help me write songs and lyrics. The whole approach to Neon Dust was to find that honest space from deep within and write from that place. I’d say this is the most genuinely pure album I’ve made to date.

  • S: What is your favourite song from this album or one you are particularly proud of? Why?

E: It’s really difficult to choose a favourite. I think ‘I Will Wave To You’ means the most to me. The lyrics are very open to interpretation but it’s about learning, self exploration and self development, waving goodbye to your former self and welcoming the new. I wanted to keep the music of the song as raw as possible, almost live sounding. You can hear a lot of the ambient room noise in the track; some of the squeaks of my studio chair for example. There are very few elements to the tune, the drums are fairly undeveloped, intentionally. I wanted to keep it very honest and intimate to reflect the message in the lyrics. The whole song came together very naturally and I felt so stoked after I’d made it.

  • S: What meaning does this new album have for you in your personal life and your artistic career?

E: I think I’ve definitely said this after every album so far, but Neon Dust is the album I’m the most proud of. To tell you the truth, I never usually listen to my own music, but this one hits a different spot for me. Maybe ’cause it’s still so fresh. I was a lot more experimental on this album than any of the others, that’s how we ended up with twenty tunes. I suppose I wanted to try and get in touch with all aspects of my personality and explore some different genres. I didn’t feel the need to write strictly drum and bass and it felt good to produce some slower tempo stuff. The theme of the album is one of self exploration mainly, it’s a diary of everything I was experiencing at the time, musically and lyrically.

  • S: After 7 years you return to delight us with a collaboration with Fred V. How did this idea of Nebula come about and what was the experience of working together like?

E: Yeah it was great to work with Fred again. He’s such a great guy! I started that tune with the guitar riff and got a bit stuck. i could hear some of Fred’s influence in the song so I sent it over to him to see if he had any ideas. He totally brought the track to life! It’s a real high point in the album, reminds me of fireworks or something.

  • S: We know you will be playing at the HOSPITALITY HALLOWEEN. Do you often celebrate this kind of date? If so, how?

E: It’s not something I celebrate much but it’s always fun to Dj on Halloween. I love horror movies, I love dressing up and I love dnb, so I really can’t wait!

  • S: Do you have something epic and scary set planned for the public?

E: In the past I usually start my set with the main theme music from a horror film, or something creepy. Who knows?!

  • S: With a long musical career with many collaborations and releases on various DnB labels. If you had the opportunity to create a festival, what name would you give it and what artists would headline it?

E: Wow, I’ve actually thought about this a lot. I’d have to call it ‘Ether in the Woods’ or something. Set in a remote forest somewhere, in Finland maybe, if I could. Headliners…mmm, maybe Aphex Twin, Radiohead, Bonobo b2b Four Tet, Jon Hopkins, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Flying Lotus, Kamasi Washington, too many to choose.

  • S: And as we look ahead and very close to end 2021, How have you adjusted your goals for 2022 and what are two things you’d like to accomplish by the end of the year?

E: I don’t put a lot of energy into goal setting really, just go with the wind most of the time. The last couple of years have highlighted that we never really know what’s around the corner. I’m currently working on converting a camper van to live in so I hope that’s ready before too long. I’d like to try and squeeze in a meditation retreat before the end of the year as well, it’s been too long since I last attended one.

  • S: Finally, what would you say to all your fans, who are giving all the love and support for the beauty, harmonious and melodic of this album.

E: As always, I’m forever grateful to you all for supporting me and showing me your love and gratitude. I’m so inspired by you to keep writing music and I’m humbled that these songs resonate with you as they do with me. Thank you so much.

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Translater: Giacomo Di Mauro

‘Neon Dust’ – Is Out Now! Stream / Buy it here Etherwood – NeonDust


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