EDM Lab interview w/ Klingande – become a superstar

EDM Lab is proud to present exclusive interview with Cèdric Steinmyller a.k.a. Klingande, young french producer become a superstar with his simply sound. Klingande is mainstream dj from Jubel, planet hit out in 2013.

Hi Cèdric, welcome to EDM Lab!


  • Your story is amazing, you did it! Please, tell us more about the passage from being a regular guy to a famous international dj. How did that happen?

Ahahah back in the days it was something really really strange for me. You wake up one morning your song is everywhere (it was Jubel), and you have to let the control go to a lot of people helping you with your career, and most of all you have to learn a lot of things super-fast. It’s not so fun and easy, it’s a life changer, and I think I’m lucky I didn’t lost myself in it but maybe actually found who I am as an adult.


  • “Jubel”, “Riva”, “Losing U”, “Somewhere New”, “Rebel yell”: all your songs have been in the charts for long time in many countries. Let’s now talk about your most recent single “By the river“. Clearly, since our first listening we enjoyed your sound and we do believe that is going to be, again, one of the most played hits in Summer 2019.

What do you want me to add to that ahah, I hope so. You know when I make music, I always want it to sound good, to give feelings to people and excite them. “By The River” was really made to bring back some groove and summer into my music which was a bit darker in the last ones. And I really hope it will give smile to people.


  • In addition to electronic music, what are your favourite artists? Is there anyone you want to collaborate and why?

I have a lot of favourite artists, I always loved pop singers with strong voices, the kind of voice who have a soul in it, I love Jacob Banks, Paolo Nuttini, Julia Stone as well… I listen a lot of music!


  • Music is changing and artists too. EDM is transforming, looking for a new identity. What are your impressions?

I think that EDM is changing, everything in music is changing, people have now the possibility to find exactly what they want to listen at any time of the day on streaming platform. Any music can find it’s listeners, and everything looks like more and more niche markets. But there is still the magic sparkles we are all looking for in music, the one which make a great song become a hit. And to come back to EDM, it’s just evolving, look at big festivals like Tomorrowland, Ultra or people like DJ Snake. These success are still here, and it’s part of the music landscape for a long time.


  • What do you think about the music scenario in Italy? How would you define your relationship with your label EGO?

About EGO our collaboration is now since Jubel and it’s like Family in Italy. We had so many great successes together! I’ll be honest, I don’t really know how music industry is going in Italy and what you listen the most, and I’m very happy to have my songs play on radio and so much fans in Italy!


  • We know that an artist like you is always working on something new. Can you anticipate something about your future plans? Are there new collaborations or songs on their way?

Of course yeah, my next song featuring Joe Killington is coming out on April 26th, and I’m finishing my very first album coming out in September with probably one or 2 more songs released before that! Also I’ll be in Milan for a very special show on May 18th all infos on my website.


  • A salute to all of the fans from EDM Lab, a comprehensive Italian blog on electronic music.

Thanks for having me, Thanks to all the fans for the support, and see you in Italy very soon!


Interview from: Vincenzo Torrisi & Davide (CEO EDM Lab) | Translate: Giacomo Di Mauro per EDM-Lab.com

Thanks to: EGO Italy



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