Tomorrowland is launching the first of the three books this Fall

The Great Library of Tomorrow Tomorrowland is ready to debut in the world of fiction with the launch of the novel “The Great Library of Tomorrow”. This book marks the beginning of a trilogy titled “The Book of Wisdom” that has been developed over the past five years by Tomorrowland’s creative team.

The novel will be published globally between October and November 2024 in collaboration with publishers from different countries. This joint venture will allow the distribution of the Tomorrowland trilogy worldwide.

The novel “The Great Library of Tomorrow” is written by Rosalia Aguilar Solace and tells the epic story of a group of heroes who must face an evil enemy determined to destroy values like love and creativity, which support the realms of Tomorrowland. The protagonist, Helia, is the Sage of Hope, who, along with her partner Xavier, the Sage of Truth, must fight against a dark threat represented by the Ash Man.

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But there’s more: The Tomorrowland Fiction project doesn’t stop with novels. The creative team, made up of international talents, plans to expand the festival’s narrative universe through comics and movie adaptations, continuing to build stories that reflect the core values of unity, hope, love, and nature.

Pre-orders for “The Great Library of Tomorrow” are already available in English, German, French, and Polish on the website This launch represents a new chapter in Tomorrowland’s history, transforming the festival’s legacy into a global narrative that promises to fascinate and inspire readers worldwide. Curious?


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