Coachella offers free lifetime access via NFT

Is it the year of the NFTs? Yes sure. The trend started in 2021 and has seen the best artists of the Dance scene create and sell their digital works as NFT, does not tend to stop. Here also festivals like Coachella throw themselves into the cauldron.

Coachella NFTCoachella announced that, through the FTX US platform, some lucky ones will be able to purchase NFTs called “ Coachella Keys Collection ” which will give various possibilities to fans of the Californian festival. Between luxury experiences, private accesses to the Sahara-tent, culinary experiences, and obviously the access for life to the festival, you will have the opportunity to make unique every single edition of Coachella.

It doesn’t stop there. There are also several thousand Digital Posters for sale and in limited runs that you can grab as ‘almost’ one-of-a-kind pieces. Find all detailed info on the site .


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