Topic & Robin Schulz team up for the remake of a classic [Interview]

in your armsThe best by Dance Music made in Germany from the past and the today combines to create the remake of a trance cult, which was released in 1994 but became famous at the end of the decade. We are talking about “For An Angel” by Paul Van Dyk.

The DJ teamed up with Topic and Robin Schulz in the new version named “In Your Arms (For An Angel)” where we can find the hypnotic piano riff from the original track.

Release Date: 28 January 2022 » Virgin | Apple Music | Spotify | Youtube Official Video |

The younger multi-platinum dj has slowed down the song, decreasing the BPM and added their tipical emo-house sound. Topic chose one of his faithful collaborators as a vocalist: Nico Santos. They had already worked together in “Home” and “Like I Love You”. Here is our little exclusive Q&A with Tobias (Topic).

Ale M: Welcome to EDM Lab, Tobias! Before we begin, we want to tell you and the group how happy we are about your marvelous remake!

Topic: Thank you so much!

Ale M: Could you reveal who had the idea to make the classic by Paul Van Dyk available and also known to the new generations?

Topic: The idea came up a few days after we wrote “In Your arms”. Somehow I just had to think about Pauls melody and that it could fit in the track well. I tryed it, it fit perfectly instantly and then became “In Your Arms (For an Angel)”.

Ale M: Just to clarify, did you all go on your usual “car tour” to figure out whether the track is “car-approved”? 😀  

Topic: OF COURSE!! 😀 It sounds like such a stereotype, but I really do this all the time.

Ale M: In these years, many producers tried to replicate the success of “Breaking Me,” proposing quite similar sounds and vocals. What do you think of this?

Topic: I honestly feel honored! I basically did the same when I started out producing. I always tried to replicate other songs, but now people try to do that with my sounds.

Ale M: In the collaborations, you feel perfectly comfortable. Also, you take the best out of the shared creative process. Notably, we appreciated the one with the two talented artists, Bebe Rexha and Becky Hill. Would you like to produce some album tracks for the pop stars of the moment or… do you have any news about it?

Topic: My background is actually being a music producer for other artists and not a DJ. So I’d be always up to do that 🙂

Ale M: To conclude… we know how much you love traveling and performing worldwide. Can you anticipate your next live show?

Topic: My next show will be in the beginning of March with Tiesto in Dubai. I´m very much looking forward to playing a real festival summer this year without last minute cancelations and such. Playing mainstage at Tomorrowland will be a dream come true for me!


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