#Release | Peggy Gou – (It Goes like) Nanana

Superstar DJ and producer Peggy Gou keeps climbing the charts this summer.

“(It Goes Like) Nanana“ is hitting the target, becoming the summer hit all festivals and parties need. 

As a producer, she is already an icon. The track takes inspiration from the sounds from the 90s and 00s, associated by many of us with happy memories. For sure, singing “Nanana” helps to keep up with the good vibes.

She played at every major festival, but, more importantly, Peggy Gou is the synonym for style and elegance. She loves experimenting and is a positive personality. This is why she is loved by everyone and hated by nobody. Go, Peggy, keep surprising us with track after track…


Release Date: 15 Giugno 2023 » XL Recordings| Apple Music | Spotify |


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