#Release | Nora En Pure, Lika Morgan – In The Air Tonight

It cames out today on Spinnin’ Records, the new single by Nora En Pure in collaboration with the songwriter Lika Morgan. Titled “In The Air Tonight,” it is a brilliant remake of the traditional song written and sang by Phil Collins, (Listen to the original version) famous English singer and musician, a former member of the mighty rock band Genesis.

In the Air tonightIn the Air Tonight keeps almost intact the sound introduced in 1981, perfectly integrating the fantastic voice of Lika Morgan. The electronic additions by the always impeccable Daniela Niederer, a.k.a. Nora En Pure, refresh the sound.

As reported several times, remakes of successes from the past are released continuously. Of course, not all the covers are excellent, but in this case, we feel that the two artists keep intact the mood of the song, while renewing the sound, and providing new feelings to the already perfect original masterpiece.

Release Date: 27 March 2020 » Spinnin Records | Apple Music | Spotify |


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