Best of Today #Release #100 w/ DJs From Mars (Special Episode)

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The much-desired goal of 100 episodes of the Best Of Today #Release“ has been finally reached. So we want to celebrate it with a special episode full of iconic tracks presented during the previous 99 episodes and, this time, chosen by the entire EDM Lab staff.

BOTR100This episode tells the story of the EDM Lab project and the birth of the radio format. It symbolizes for us a significant achievement and the affirmation of the radio project. It will also contain several vocal speeches by some members and collaborators of our team and by who is close to our project.

In the 100th episode, there is also a great surprise: we wanted to celebrate this achievement by hosting an Italian duo, popular for its attitude to make mashups: directly from the red planet, DJS From mars land on EDM Lab. They will make us listen to their exclusive DJ set.

EDM lab would like to thank all the listeners who compose the big family that every week, from the whole world. All the accessible platforms (radio FM and web, on-demand, podcast, and more) choose us to expand its culture and music knowledge. Best of Today #Release continues its non-stop journey.

The radio show by EDM Lab is available on all the podcast platforms:

| Hearthis.atApple Podcast | Google Podcast | TuneIn Podcast


You can listen HERE again to the episode of the last week.



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