#Megamix – The great collection of 2019

Every end-of-year it is a tradition. (We must mention our Summer-Megamix tradition as well).
The year 2019 does not make an exception and EDM-Lab leads your way to discover what comes out of the minds of the most talented and skilled remixers, or “music genes”. Year-End Mashup or Megamix, in few minutes, contains a whole musical year, ranging from pop music to EDM, from ballads to bangers. Absolute hits are mixed perfectly in a cross of voices and spectacular sounds.

We strongly recommend you to abandon any other activity and spend 10 minutes of your day to watch the videos and listen to at least one of these amazing works. You will not regret it and then if you enjoyed our collection, share it to make everyone discover the beauty of #Megamix!

This year, as a decade ends (2010-2020) many of the megamix authors have chosen to make a megamix dedicated to the most beautiful songs of the last 10 years and not only of 2019.

Psst: the article is constantly updated until December 31 with new #Megamix found in YouTube.

There is also our Youtube Playlist with all the Megamix 2019 you can find in this article to listen to one after the other!

Larry Mashup – Mashup 2019 | Year End 2019 [Mashup of 100+ songs]

T10MO – HITS OF 2019 | Year – End Mashup [+100 Songs]


Daniel Kim – Pop Danthology 2010s | #DecadeMashups

Djs From Mars – Best Of 2019 Megamashup – 40 Songs in 5 Minutes

Jeremy Video 52 – YOU NEED 2019 – Year-End Mashup 2019

MANIAC POP – Top Songs of 2019 Megamix (What You Want)

MJLMashups – DECADE OF POP 2010’S | #DecadeMashups


MJLMashups – SUCKER FOR 2019 (end of year mashup 2019) 30+ Songs

A Legolordfilms Mashup – Pop Song Rewind 2010s (Make It Pop) | #DecadeMashups

Well Blend Mashups – Rance Rocks 2019 Year End Mashup (Can We Just Kill)

by Vincent Mashups – TALK ABOUT 2019 | YEAR END MASHUP (100+ Songs)

Crunkz – Best Of EDM 2019 Rewind Mix – 65 Tracks in 15 Minutes

Mashup-Germany – Top of the Pops 2019 (100 Songs Mashup)

YEAR-END (2019) [THE MEGAMIX] – by Flo Mashups


Fun Radio Mashup 2019 by Adrien Toma

DJ Earworm Mashup – United State of Pop 2019 (Run Away)

#AnDyWuMUSICLANDMASHUP – “KILL THE UNKNOWN” – 2019 Year End Mashup (Best 158 Pop Songs)


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