Mastik Lickers, a dose of Dance Music from Sicily [Promoted]

Once again, within our PROMOTED section, we introduce you to Italian talents. Today, it is time to present the Mastik Lickers.
Mastik LickersDavide Messina and Luigi Lazzari form the project Mastik Lickers based on wide-ranging electronic music. Their productions are, in fact, rich in various elements like distorted guitars and pop/rock vocals combined with the purest energy of what we commonly call EDM. Mastik Lickers are not newcomers, they have experimented a lot, and today their sound is mature and represents their artistic growth.

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Let’s know them better in our exclusive interview: Hi guys, and thanks for being with us on EDM Lab, the Italian blog about electronic music mainly focused on new releases. Here are some questions for you:

  • Briefly tell our audience about the Mastik Lickers.

Mastik Lickers were born by accident about nine years ago. We used to play in different clubs of the Sicilian nightlife until one day; we decided to perform back-to-back playing a four-handed set. It was a beautiful evening, and, from that moment on, we continued to perform always together. We did it so much so that a dear friend of ours gave us a nickname in the Sicilian dialect, “allicca mastice” (glue licker), a playful way to identify two people who always walk together. We tried to translate it into English, and “Mastik Lickers” came out. It was fresh and catchy, and we needed a name to sign our productions.


  • With which great artist would you like to collaborate?

We would love to produce something together with Marilyn Manson; we find it transgressively brilliant.


  • What are you doing during this Lockdown period that forces you not to be able to perform?

Thanks to this lockdown period, besides dedicating ourselves more to productions, we also had the opportunity to compare ourselves with other DJs and producers. With some of them, professional collaborations were even born, such as Jean Marie and Audiosonik. We are mainly dedicating ourselves to our social channels taking care of the new image of Mastik Lickers. Also, we are dedicating our time to campaigns in favor of animal rights and environmental protection, supporting some international animal welfare associations.


  • Is there a shade of Dance music you prefer and one you don’t particularly like?

We have no particular preference. We appreciate every music genre as a source of inspiration and useful contamination during our music production processes.


Thank you for joining us in EDM Lab. Davide Ippolito – CEO


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