DJ Mag Top 100 Festival 2024, vote are now open

Among the charts in this last period, it is possible to find the one dedicated to Dance & EDM Festivals around the world. The format is the same: DJ Mag sets it up, and all clubbers and ravers vote for their favorite festivals.

Top 100 festivalVotes for the Top 100 Festival 2024 by DJ Mag started on 1 May 2024 and will be accepted until 12 June 2024. You can vote for your favorite festival through the official link. Results will be announced on 25 June. For the last few years, the Belgian festival Tomorrowland has been the #1 festival in the world. Its popularity is huge, but this year, the competition for becoming the #1 in the Top 100 Festival 2024 is tougher than ever.

Top 100 Festival 2022 | 2023 |

The Ultra Music Festival Miami has occupied the second position for the last two years. Several big festivals are on the chart, and every year, the Top 100 Festival changes with newer and more spectacular events.

Speaking of Italian Festivals in the Top 100, we can find the Kappa Futur Festival (11th position), Nameless Festival (57th), and Panorama Festival (66th). We are curious to see how these events will place this year and whether new ones will show up.




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