Tomorrowland tells itself in the new documentary ‘We Are Tomorrow’

Thanks to the return to festivals, the summer of 2022 have been one of the most beautiful. Through our official guide we made you discover how many and which festivals, among the most important, reopened their doors. Among them, there is Tomorrowland.

tomorrowlandWith its three consecutive weekends, it probably has broken every previous record. It provided a never seen entertainment with over 200 artists and several stages. Now, after a couple of months, a documentary is available. It tells this experience from four points of view.

Tomorrowland tells itself in the mini-documentary “We are Tomorrow.” First, Topic explained the Tomorrowland experience from the point of view of a DJ. Then, from the point of view of Gaggan Anand, one of the better-known chefs in the world. Then Vicky Tah, a business owner. Finally, Kelly De Clercq told the festival from the point of view of the main stage fan.

The docu-film “We are Tomorrow” is exclusively available on YouTube and Amazon Music from the 20th of September.


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