Tiësto and the never released collaborations with Avicii

According to Tiësto’s latest statements, it has recently been discovered that there are even more hidden gems in Avicii’s archives than initially thought.

In a recent interview with Level One, Tiësto says that he and Avicii were initially proud of a particular track they had in the works that was never completed and released. However, after the Swedish producer’s tragic death, Tiësto, like many of Avicii’s collaborators, eventually found himself unsure of what Tim would want to do with the track in question.

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“We made a track together years ago and wanted to release it. Actually, I have two tracks with him, ” Tiësto recalls. ” We actually never finished both of them. After his death. I didn’t know if he would have wanted them to be published, so I decided not to do it “.

So who knows if one day Tiesto will change his mind and decide to delight us with what would surely have been yet another hit.



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