If it's “Roses”… the global hit of SAINt JHN and Imanbek

RosesIn 2016 the New Yorker rapper SAINt JHN, Guyanese born, uploaded “Roses” on his Soundcloud profile. Since then, the melancholic trap track with a black and white video achieved a fair amount of views. However, it did not look like an hit that might have changed his indie career. Thus was added with other previous songs at debut album of 2018: “Collection One.” SAINt JHN was already a songwriter for Kiesza, Gorgon City, and Usher. However, at the age of thirty, his name still was not as popular as the artists that he worked for.

However, SAINt JHN didn’t know that after a few years, the Kazakh guy RosesImanbek Zeikenov born in 2000, would have revisited his track using the slap-house sound. Imanbek was inspired by east European musical influences, especially by “In My Mind” of Lithuanian producer Dynoro. Thus, in September 2019, “Roses” starts its new life going around a lot of radio. Then, since the beginning of 2020, it steps into the European charts ranking in the top5 almost everywhere. But it is in the UK where it held for two weeks between the end of March and the beginning of April, with certified platinum for both artists.

Roses“Roses” was liked so much also in Australia, wherein were achieved two certified platinum. To be considered a global hit, the American music business was still missing. Herein at the end of May, “Roses” reached the #15 position of Billboard Hot 100 after staying for a long time in the top 50. At the moment in the States is certified gold. The fast-growing, also on Spotify, reaching the top5 position, might improve the awards so far achieved.

EDM LAB had (almost) predicted all of this, as you can read in our November 2019 post.



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