Highest Paid DJs 2020 Chart by Forbes

The Highest-Paid Celebrities 2020 by Forbes is finally online and includes only two names from the EDM world: The Chainsmokers and Marshmello. It must be noted that the data provided by the famous magazine only covers equity based on publicly available information about their business activities.

With $68 million for Chainsmokers and $56 million for Marshmello, it can be said that Alex Pall and Drew Taggart and Chris Comstock (Marshmello) do not live in poverty.

However, it should be considered that a large part of these receipts does not go straight into their pockets. In fact, it is shared between various managers, songwriters, agents, publishers, and of course, the label itself.

In previous years, Calvin Harris also appeared on the list, who will be the next artists to be included?


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