David Guetta, 2 new ID Tracks at Dubai’s set

David Guetta, who was recently nominated as the #1 DJ in the world by the Top100 DJ MAG (read it here) and founder of the #FutureRave genre (look at our exclusive video interview on the future EDM), keeps staying on the cutting edge of EDM.

He continues setting more and more records with his charity format #UnitedAtHome, playing for the web spectators that follow him from all over the world and by presenting new IDs and tracks whose release date is unknown. As an example, in the last event in Dubai (watch it here) David played two new Unreleased tracks:

The former, around the 16th minute, is a new collaboration with the colleague MORTEN, with whom set up the Future Rave genre. The track is titled “Air” (listen to it here); the latter is around the 30th minute. Its working title is You Can’t Change Me and presents a heartbreaking vocal together with the classical sonority of Future Rave’s style. Its date is unknown, too.

We are talking about two intensive discs, as all the Future Rave edits released until now by Guetta, which make us look forward to a new musical wave for the next festivals.




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