Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike say no more to the BigRoom!

After Multi-platinum producers Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike unveiled their highly anticipated debut studio album, titled Rewind + Repeat, which pays homage to the 90s’ music scene. The Belgium brothers stopped to release bigroom music and avoid present their anticipated collaboration music in that genre.

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike LA LUNA Version

In previously smash the house release records, DVLM appear as if had not been involved in ‘Wolfpack x Jaxx & Vega x DJ Junior – Curura‘. The first version played it by Jaxx & Vega was in his own radioshow and after in DVLM perfomances, describing in ig stories a new ID titled ‘La Luna’ An interesting story happened with the track La Luna: in the process of obtaining the rights to release from the title somewhere disappeared DVLM, but added DJ Junior, although back in 2019 it was confirmed that this track via instagram belongs to Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike.

The Wave ¿What happened to Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike?

And now with ‘The Wave’ for unknown reasons Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike are not in the title again and they confirmed and premiered it on Tomorrowland Digital Edition.

Rumor: has it they don’t want to release a bigroom for this time under their name anymore and decided to focus on the new sound we’ll hear in the upcoming album draws inspiration from trance, techno, acid techno, rave, and hardcore genres.

Will the Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike brothers return to the Bigroom scene after their album release?


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