Untold 2021: two appointments, the dates

2020 has been the year where the “live streaming concept” has offered shelter to all festivals. At least on paper, the virtual format somehow saved their appointments. Meanwhile, the insiders of the festivals have worked hard to reorganize their own programming for 2021. A new year that remains uncertain, but to face up head-on, without being caught unprepared. For example, that is the case of Untold 2021.

The festival based in Cluj-Napoca, being the most important electronic music festival in Romania, does not need any introduction. In a bunch of years, it has grown enormously, and now, during the latest weeks of 2020, has announced not one but two appointments, and its relative dates, for this new year. The line-up, instead, is not yet available.

Untold 2021

Besides the usual appointment in August, planned for the long weekend included between Thursday 5 and Sunday 9 August, huge news is expected this yearFrom 1 to 5 September, Untold presents Odyssey, a new breathtaking appointment. The concept is already consolidated, but new for Untold, onboard a cruise that will sail in the Mediterranean Sea with stops in Rome, Ibiza, and Barcelona.

Actually, all this seems almost a dream, considering this terrible and just ended year. Thinking about it makes shivering and speeds up everyone’s heartbeat! We cannot wait to go back, jumping in front of the stage and (why not) above it. We are hopeful! 


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