Another World: the new Nicky Romero's live streaming concept

Another WorldFollowing I Need You To Know (we talked about it here), the new stellar collaboration with Armin Van Buuren, Nicky Romero continues to impress.

The boss of Protocol Recordings is ready to launch a new live streaming concept, named Another World (here is the preview).

Thanks to Another World he will carry his fans and the users of all over the world inside his virtual performance, getting them in a new sensory experience. We will get through a journey in unexplored, imaginary and far off lands, whence we will move towards space, even transcending time. Will be a continuous crescendo, emphasized by special effects, hyper-realistic landscapes and limitless imagination. At the same time will be launched countless IDs marked by Protocol Recordings.

Another World proofs that, today, the most advanced technologies have removed frontiers between possible and impossible.

The event will take place today 16th July in live streaming, since 9PM CET (12PM PST), and will be replicated the 18th July. The only thing we need to worry about is to sit comfortable and tune in on the Youtube channel of Nicky Romero, he will take care of everything else.


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