TheFutureIsHere: the new Future Rave playlist by EDM Lab

Recently, everyone noticed that EDM music is changing. The trend to storytelling by goosebumps melodies has given way to the return of something more essential. Recently the main component of an EDM production is the groove. This transformation process is the result of the fusion between Mainstream and Underground scenes. These worlds have given rise to several new sounds. Among them, there is the Future Rave.

thefutureishere David Guetta and MORTEN introduced this new sound and sub-genre (we talked about it here). A sound which, maybe, may have its roots in the “It Gets Better” version presented by Swedish House Mafia at the Tele2 Arena in Stockholm in 2019. This sound belongs to the past but now is ready to write the future.

EDM Lab noticed that, recently, several artists released Future Rave tracks. Therefore, we decided to add a new playlist to our collection. TheFutureIsHere will be dedicated entirely to the Future Rave sound. This unique playlist will be constantly updated with new releases, just like other our playlists.

Please welcome to TheFutureIsHere!


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