TheFutureIsHere – Best of #FutureRave 2022 Special Podcast Episode

Another year is finished. Another year in which we have been able to observe the progressive combination of underground and mainstream sounds. During 2022, happened many things, especially the strong push that heavy and essential sounds gave to the business. This process is a synergy between dreamlike vocals and acid sounds.

From the beginning, the EDM Lab team kept an eye on, noted, and monitored these changes. Last year, we were fascinated by the Future Rave movement, deciding to pay homage to this bursting and exuberant genre through our dedicated playlist “#TheFutureIsHere.” At the end of the last year, our playlist culminated in a mix of the best Future Rave tracks released during 2021 (you can listen to it HERE).

Also this year we are ready to repeat it at the hand of Sineflow! Our buddy is ready to delight us with his selection which will make you to re-explore the 2022 track after track.

Best of #FutureRave 2022 by EDM Lab is OUT NOW! | Tracklist |


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