TheFutureIsHere – Best of #FutureRave 2021 Special Podcast Episode

Thanks to our “Best of Today Release” podcast, week after week, we are noticing how by now, the music business is inclined to a slow but progressive evolution.

thefutureishereWe can notice several new influences. “Vintage” sounds are back in fashion. Producers are looking to the future. But, they are stealing from a glorious past to build a better future for music.

A sub-genre is the perfect example of this: the Future Rave. From the beginning, EDM Lab recognized the potentiality of Future Rave. We explained our vision through many articles. Then, we created our Future Rave playlist.

TheFutureIsHere contains all the best Future Rave tracks which came out until today. This playlist resulted at an end of the year DJ Set. We started this tradition with #Whoneedsbigroom? and #Nightvibe.

Best of #FutureRave 2021 is the selection, mixed by our buddy Sineflow, of all the best Future Rave releases of 2021, included in our playlist TheFutureIsHere.


Special thanks to for the Voice Over.


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