‘Don’t You Worry Child’ by SHM hits one billion streams

Released on 14 September 2012, “Don’t You Worry Child” by Swedish House Mafia is almost an anticipation of what was about to happen, i.e., the separation of the Sweedish trio (which would have happened after their latest show at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami in March 2013.

Don't you worry childThe song, now over 10 years old, is an iconic hit of the Dance phenomenon from the past decade; it reminds us of good memories and the sad memory of their split. If we want to give a sense to this piece, we could say that it was their way to say goodbye to their fans: “Don’t you worry, it is all going to be all right.” Surely, the song was an important milestone in the SHM’s glorious career.

In the last few days, Don’t You Worry Child entered the Spotify Billion Club, or the Club, where it is possible to find all songs that have realized at least one billion streams. This was quite expected since the official video on youtube counts about 963 million views to date.


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