Who is Jazzy? The new Irish Dance phenomenon

On EDM Lab today, we want to talk about Jazzy, an Irish singer who has been enjoying huge success in the European dance scene for about a year now.

Jazzy, whose real name is Yasmine Byrne, was born in Dublin in the ’90s. She started her music career in 2020 as a member of a music group and later released her first singles. In 2021, she collaborated with Belters Only, (a dance producers duo), and achieved her first solo success with the song “Make Me Feel Good,” which reached the top spot on the Irish chart and fourth on the UK chart. Today, it has over 100 million streams on Spotify.

In 2023, she decided to push her solo career further, and thus released the single “Giving Me.” This is a pop-dance song about a toxic relationship and how to break free from it. The track was hugely successful, becoming the first single by an Irish woman to top the Irish chart in 14 years. It was also nominated for “International Song of the Year” at the 2024 Brit Awards.

With this song, Jazzy also reached third place on the UK chart, demonstrating her talent and popularity. Jazzy has stated that she’s influenced by artists like Lauryn Hill, Raye, Eliza Rose, Carla Monroe, Hayley May, and Karen Harding. Her music is a blend of hip-hop, pop, dance-pop, and eurodance, with lyrics about love and fun. She has a powerful and sensual voice that can convey emotions and engage the audience.

Today, Jazzy is one of the most promising singers in the international music scene, especially in the dance genre. She’s a rising star, and if you haven’t listened to her yet, we highly recommend doing so!

There are also a couple more tracks we recommend trying to get a better idea of this amazing singer: let’s talk about “Life Lesson,” released in October 2023, which sees collaboration once again with Belters Only, but also with Australian DJ producer Sonny Fodera. The track is a banging house tune. We’ll close with her latest release, “Shooting Star,” out in February 2024.

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