True Heroes Recordings: interview to Dash Guy

We are pleased to announce our official partnership between EDM Lab and THR, a label whose monthly releases will be reviewed by us.

Superheroes exist in real life? This is the question with which True Heroes Recordings is introduced, a new charity label by Music artists for the planet.

The idea was born in December 2019, when its creators came up with the idea of being able to do good through music and all those artists who want to put their passion at the disposal of others.

The proceeds of the label are donated annually along with those from United, so every artist becomes a real super hero, with outfits and custom powers, thanks to the illustrations of Gaetano Favara, which conceptualizes and designs the cartoon version of every artist who decides to release with True Heroes.

Dash Guy

On April 1st, it was released on all Digital Stores, the first release of THR: “All Of My Love” by the Korean producer Dash Guy, first hero of the label.

Release Date: 1st April 2020 » True Heroes Recordings | Spotify | Apple Music |

Let’s find out more about Yonghan Kim, aka Dash Guy.

Yonghan, can you tell us something about yourself? How did you start making music, why did you decide to call yourself Dash Guy?

My name is Yonghan, I’m 18 and I’m from Seoul, Korea. Like many people, before producing music, I started out as a DJ. During my artistic career I was very inspired by Don Diablo, Avicii, Hardwell and Martin Garrix. Listening to their music I dreamed of playing at the festivals where they performed, so I started producing. It was about 5 years ago. Music changed my life. Once I got over my initial shyness, I met many other producers who, like me, share the same passion for music. I always thank music for allowing me to overcome my shyness. As for my stage name, Dash Guy, there’s really no special meaning. I was looking for a name that was addictive.

You are officially the first artist of True Heroes Recordings, why did you decide to release with this label?

I’ve always loved music, when I had the opportunity to do something good for tohers I thought, why not? I decided to produce music to make me and other people feel good.

“All Of My Love” is the title of your new release, does this song have a special meaning for you?

All Of My Love is my first release outside of Korea. This is the first song in which I fully use my production style. With “All Of My Love” I’ve excelled myself, improving my production skills in chord progression, melodies writing, samples, FX, mixing and mastering. This track took me to the next step!

Thanks to Dash Guy for the interview, we hope this is the beginning of a long career for Yonghan!



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