#Remixes | Lose Control by MEDUZA in 4 new versions

It is the Thursday before Christmas. It is the perfect timing for a Christmas gift. It is one of the most refreshing tracks of the moment, and it is also the ideal follow-up for project MEDUZA. Of course, we are talking about “Lose Control.” Every radio in the World is playing this song, and while we are writing, MEDUZA is dominating all the most important charts. It is time for a sweet remix pack.

Lose Control by MEDUZA receives four new remixes from some of the most prominent names in the EDM Scene. Ben Pierce, Roberto Surace (Do you remember Joys?), Mathame, and Nancie, are one better than the other with different musical styles. The ep of these remixes makes us think that a second remix pack is on the way and that this is only Pt. 1 for Lose Control. Stay tuned on EDM Lab for any update!

The remix from Roberto Surace:


The remix from Ben Pierce:


The remix from Nancie:


The remix from Mathame:


Release Date: December 19th, 2019 » Universal Music | buy EP on iTunes | Listen on Spotify |


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