“Beethoven Remixed” – EDM meets classical music

Beethoven RemixedIndeed, this is not the first time that opera moves to the dancefloor. It is a blend of classical and current dance music. Only to mention an example, we cannot forget the famous Adagio For Strings by Tiesto, an electronic revisitation of the climax of the Op.11 by Samuel Barber dated 1936. This time, it is Ludwig van Beethoven‘s turn. In fact, “Beethoven Remixed” just came out!

It is an electronic revisitation of 14 pieces by one of the most influential composers of all time. The authors of such a difficult job are among the most popular EDM’s artists, such as Steve Aoki, Blasterjaxx, NERVOGATTÜSO, and MATTN.

Steve Aoki transformed “Sonata No.8” for piano, also known as “Pathétique Sonata.” He borrowed from both mainstream and underground electronic music, keeping intact the feeling from the original composition.

The famous “Sonata No.14” for piano, also known as “Moonlight Sonata,” is reinterpreted by NERVO and Blasterjaxx. The first conceived a Trance-cinematic version, while Maxximize Records’ bosses remained anchored to their Big-Room roots.

MATTN and GATTÜSO chose the first movement of Beethoven Symphony No.5 for arcs and winds. Smash, The House’s queen, opted for an Electro-House remix, while the Israeli producer proposed a Dark-Progressive version.

Beethoven Remixed” is part of the series known as “Originals,proposed by Deezer to celebrate Beethoven’s heritage. The compilation is part of the album “Beethoven Recomposed.

Below you can listen to the entire collection. Enjoy!


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