#Release | Paris Blohm & Wasback – They Say

A year after his last production, Paris Blohm is back on the scene with “They Say.”

Exactly on 6 February 2019, he released “Warriors” on Revealed Recordings, top Progressive house track. After that, nothing else.

For a year and a half, we had no news, neither productions nor news on his social media channels… until this 20 July 2020, when he decided to post on his Instagram profile a monologue to announce his return with a change in his sounds.

They Say” is released under Thrive Music and it is in collaboration with the Italian Wasback, singer in Krigarè;

As already announced, the release has an entirely different sound than the previous productions by Paris. The song is dark and repetitive, blinking to the Techno style. Plus, the lyrics are by Blohm make it a welcome surprise.

According to Paris Blohm, “They Say” is only the first among several productions yet to be released with his new style. For the moment, EDM Lab is quite happy that such a talented producer, after much giving to the EDM scene, is back again.

Release Date: 20 July 2020 » Thrive Music | Spotify | Apple Music |




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