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Miss You

The story of “Miss You” represents a discographic mess with no precedent from any point of view. This is clear to the emerging German producer Leon Kirschnek a.k.a. southstar. In fact, in May 2022, he published a Euro-Dance rework of “Jerk” (2020) by the Californian songwriter Oliver Tree.

It would have been such terrific work if not for the missing original vocal and authorization. The track got viral and was published by a major on 30 July. After a week, which we can only imagine what might have happened in Berlin, the same song arrived in the label’s offices.

This time, on the cover, they found the names of the more famous colleague Robin Schulz and the original singer Oliver Tree (with Marshmello among the credits), that tried to monetize the situation at their best. As a result, the second “Miss You” is already in every main Top30 and is expedited toward 100 million streams on various platforms.

Try again, Leon! Better don’t!

Release Date: 5 August 2022 » Atlantic | Apple Music | Spotify |


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