#Release | DUBOSS – Voyage Voyage (Imanbek edit)

Among the debut singles of the year, “Voyage Voyage” by DUBOSS, is undoubtedly one of the most interesting, despite being a remake. The DJ who grew up in Mallorca in the ’80s perhaps remembered his listening as a child or later discovered the only hit by the French singer Desireless in 1986. Or maybe he found in the title, the synthesis of a life spent traveling with more than 100 countries visited, stopping for now in Singapore.

Voyage voyageAt that time, he achieved double platinum in Spain and gold in Germany and France. Now it could do better in the UK and USA, thanks to work on the track with Imanbek, the Kazakh producer who is upsetting the charts with “Roses“.

The slap-house sound is unmistakable – the attention to detail, seems to us really maniacal, and especially the climax, created before the refrain, is a chilling one.

But let’s ask DUBOSS.

  • How was the collaboration with Imanbek born?

I am a fan of Imanbek’s previous remixes and loved what he did with the songs. I reached out to him and asked him to team-up on this track. He has proven to be a great producer. I enjoyed his contribution, and I’m very happy with the end result.

  • What do you think about the variety of slap-house tracks incoming in this period? What is the difference between this new music genre and other mainstream EDM tracks?

I believe it is a style that is allowing a lot of melodic songs to come to life with a fresher and mainstream appeal. The bass has always been one of the main parts of EDM tracks, and this style really focuses on that. It is yet another proof that EDM music keeps on reinventing itself.

  • Last question for you. Would you like to release an unpublished track in the future, or do you want to continue working on music remake?

I’ve written some original tracks too, and they will be published in the future. Still, I love releasing cover versions because it is a great way of giving songs another opportunity, and most of the time, they are masterpieces. I am amazed at the number of young people who don’t know many of the original songs that are being released now; it makes me feel old! 🙂

Thank You, DUBOSS!

Release Date: 19 June 2020 » Sony Music | Apple Music | Spotify |


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