Martin Garrix proposes a Hip Hop record (and does it well!)

It’s been a few weeks since the end of the Europeans 2020 that have seen, in addition to the triumph of our Italy, also the young Martin Garrix ride once again the roof of the world with his music.

But it is time for new music, musical experiments and a sound suitable for playlists but especially for radios..

Exactly as it happened ten years ago, in the period of transition between the music of the ’00s and the advent of EDM, many artists experiment with different sounds: in this case, Garrix, with a collaboration with G-Eazy and the voice of Sasha Alex Sloan, churns out a “fresh” hip-hop record, a la “Empire state of Mind“.

A record totally out of the ropes of the world’s most times #1 DJ, but the result is truly amazing, catchy, pleasant, current.

Release Date: 6 August 2021 ” STMPD RCRDS | Apple Music | Spotify |



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