Whole Again, the good Progressive by Steve Aoki & KAAZE

It is such a hot period for #Progressive or EDM sounds. Maybe it is due to the long trail of the music festivals or the long wave of Slap Hou…ehm, Covid.

Whole AgainThanks to our Best of Today #Release, we discovered some exciting tracks in these weeks. Among these, Whole Again by Steve Aoki & KAAZE is one of the hottest. The track brings back the dreamy sound that made festivals great worldwide and one of the most relevant singers in the Dance world: John Martin.

Whole Again, that realized 1 million plays on Spotify brings us back to the EDM golden age, ten years ago. At this point, it could be even more interesting to listen to a Big Room edit!

Release Date: 1 July 2022 » Dim Mak | Spotify | Apple Music |



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